I am

I am a girl, goddammit.
I am sweet and anxious,
frivolous, giggling,
dancing, serene and vivacious.
I can gossip with the best of them,
and wear the very highest,
but do not care what I look like,
I’m completely oblivious,
and selfless.
All I care for is you.
Don’t question any of this.
I know.
I have a women’s intuition,
and empathy abound.
Tell me all your problems.
I will listen.
I’m a girl, goddammit.

This isn’t actually what I think women are or should be… expressing my thoughts on the craziness of some of the expectations of what they should be.


11 thoughts on “I am

    1. Thank you, V. J., though I wasn’t apologising, just didn’t want misinterpretation. But yes, i agree this personality and everyone’s uniqueness should be celebrated, just not be the expectation, which can often be the case with gender roles.

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    1. Maybe we do. I hate that there’s that expectation that we should be good listeners though, and lots of other things. I think things like this can make a precedent where girls and women are always supposed to put other people before themselves, which I don’t think is healthy. It’s great if you do, but I don’t think there should be an expectation for you to be anything just because of your gender.

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      1. But yes, I think it can be a positive quality that lots of women possess. But I think things like this can have side effects which aren’t as good for them.


      2. I think we do it by nature, Julia, we have that capacity which men don’t have. We don’t do it because they expect us to, we do it because women have more awareness than men.


      3. I’m not so sure. I think girls are often raised to put other people first, while boys are raised to be more aggressive and think of themselves, not just by their parents but by society, and then that to an extent shapes who they become.


      4. True, but women are capable of giving birth and dealing with children. Men remain as children and move from their mothers to their partners with the same expectations. This is the way women have handled men over centuries. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but that’s the way things are until men mature as adults.


      5. Being good with children and people generally is a wonderful trait. But I think it can be too much, all they have to do and the expectations that are on them. I think a big part of it as well is men being able to embrace their feminine side, and it to be seen as a positive rather than a negative to be kind and caring. I don’t mean all men, but generally. It’s somewhat encouraged for boys to not have these traits.
        But this is my opinion. I don’t believe there’s any difference between the genders except those that society creates in our upbringing.

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