I can’t find the boxes
Do I need boxes?
Yes, if I’m going to fit inside them
Yes, if I want to belong to something, to someone

Identity, true to something, true to me?
We are who you see
Inside – unravel still okay, vulnerability, intimacy
Outside – strength, armour, mystery

Reality? I don’t know
Trying? Always trying. To be within, without
Why are we trying?
Human condition
Our mission – a purpose
Forget ourselves
A greater purpose
The aim
The greater purpose is a box?
I can’t find the box.



Out of Reach

I don’t know what I’m exploring. If I go through here, will I be exploring, even though I know what’s there? Am I exploring when treading the same paths? Possible corners and crevices make me want to, but I don’t know whether they exist anymore. So many times I’ve been over them. Searching for what? An answer. I saw a glimmer of an answer the first time I went. Brightness. The brightness gradually turned to dimness, but I can see the shadow of that brightness. I remember how it felt.

Is that it? I was on the periphery of a discovery, an exalting feeling, a connection to the sublime.