“You are blaming yourself for events, making it impossible to move forward into more positive circumstances. You are too caught up in guilt and self-reproach to see your way out of the problem. Don’t use up your energy on a situation you can’t change. Instead, focus on finding your way out.”


Where are you? Can you just tell me that you’re okay?


The snow is like the fire
in the final book.
What do we know
about truth and gold?
They’re cold
only when we try
to hold them in our hands.

I am a fire and I’ll light myself
in whatever ways work.
Like a snowflake I’m drifting
only to crash to earth in the end.
But then maybe my heart will melt.
It will condense and expand up to heaven.

I don’t know what alone really means.
Each piece of snow is individual yet it all ends up together.