Ego / To Reach Perfection

If it’s obvious to me,
It will be obvious to all,
So it needs to go much further
Than where it is right now.
I can’t express myself,
But the better version of myself,
Who I require myself to be.
But I can’t figure her out.
There’s always so much pressure
Around her, constricting, containing,
All that should appear.
Mostly, there’s nothing there
But stern self-preoccupation.


I’m either too me, or too you.
It’s like the boundary where I fall into being you is something to avoid.
Because once I’ve crossed it, I’m suddenly all you.
Who I am’s left behind.
Who I am when I’m me within your world is like shadow,
If I stay for too long.
She’s slightly hollow.
No self but pretending,
To stay in existence.
I try pulling back,
Defences are up and I’m me.
I’m staying me.
But I want to be you too:
Maybe half me and half you;
Two thirds me, one third you.
To be in both our minds,
With optional falling.

Willow and Oak

Essence is the same.
I am me, and you are you.
That will always be the case?
Willows grow up into Oaks…
Their spirits do not alter,
But they are changed.
Atoms move around,
Learning happens – copiously,
Gradually, and suddenly,
In a myriad of ways.
A Willow is a Willow.
Is it now an Oak,
Because it’s grown,
Up in wisdom’s roots?
Is a sapling Oak still wise?
There’s wisdom in the Willow,
And wind whispers to all.
Movement, sight and sense.
Wisdom, visions, thoughts.
One becomes and one is gone?
All is all is all?