Towels are towels not only because we call them such, but also because we make them such.


The Water Drips Away

Frozen tendrils align,
uplifting into chasms
where the water drips away.

In all the ups and downs,
directions, they are endless.
Falling to the empty skies
abysses call and comfort.
Plants will grow up into heavens, into earth,
and into every moment.

Flowering Abyss

You are a flowering abyss:
everyday you grow more beautiful
and more empty.
Like a storm in its eye,
sublime in its power,
becomes so suddenly
silent, in one place,
as the billowing winds
and capsizing waves
rage around it.

You are so much more
than I can say,
than I can see.
To me you are just a collection:
of what is reflected and triggered in my memories.

Quote #85

“The mind and the body are so intimately connected that ultimately we cannot tell the difference between them. Ultimately, indeed, they tell the same stories about us. But the body is the more visible aspect of the being and so may speak for itself. When we align the body we also align the mind. The body is the hologram of the being, as Alexander Lowen has said. ‘The body does not lie.’”
― Alcmaeon, Concerning Nature, 6th century B.C.