Being Ready

Trickling adjectives, they are
the way of the words
flowing from your sleeping mind
where no one tries to be, create,
or halt whatever’s coming,

for “I need my attention
to be ready,
so will not focus it on anything”,

to stay within this world
that stifles, suffocates, reality
– the world I’ve always known as real.

Quote #85

“The mind and the body are so intimately connected that ultimately we cannot tell the difference between them. Ultimately, indeed, they tell the same stories about us. But the body is the more visible aspect of the being and so may speak for itself. When we align the body we also align the mind. The body is the hologram of the being, as Alexander Lowen has said. ‘The body does not lie.’”
― Alcmaeon, Concerning Nature, 6th century B.C.


why do you fall away
to somewhere
not on earth or sky
no chance of being found
or seen or heard
only dreamt of

or shown
in the space within
my mind with eyes unfocused

and yet
you’re always there
a cloud around my senses
and this vagueness
here and nowhere
never lifting
neither here nor in the other realms
dreams mixed with no real clarity.