Psychology student in the wilderness.


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      1. Well, I think dreams always have some kind of basis in reality, and are probably as real as stories and such.
        Maybe, but then love is very concrete in a way, in that it goes along with chemical changes, and even neural alterations at times.


      2. It does, like oxytocin is the love hormone – you get bursts of it when you hug people, or watch cute cat videos or comedy, and when you’re in love. And yeah neural changes, well it’s only just being looked into really, but I think expanding love for yourself and others probably does have a neural effect. Most things do really. Our brains are a lot more plastic than was once thought.

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      3. Yeah, it sounds a lot worse than it is – it just means better able to grow new neurons and develop new connections between neurons. More flexible. I think maybe the word comes from plasticine rather than plastic.


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