Psychology student in the wilderness.


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      1. Well, I think dreams always have some kind of basis in reality, and are probably as real as stories and such.
        Maybe, but then love is very concrete in a way, in that it goes along with chemical changes, and even neural alterations at times.


      2. It does, like oxytocin is the love hormone – you get bursts of it when you hug people, or watch cute cat videos or comedy, and when you’re in love. And yeah neural changes, well it’s only just being looked into really, but I think expanding love for yourself and others probably does have a neural effect. Most things do really. Our brains are a lot more plastic than was once thought.

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      3. Yeah, it sounds a lot worse than it is – it just means better able to grow new neurons and develop new connections between neurons. More flexible. I think maybe the word comes from plasticine rather than plastic.


  1. The man who wrote poems in an oversized pajamas would be a good title for that fiction, I’d say

    This isn’t more real because you aren’t letting me in. I want to close my WordPress account and the only reason I’m here, well, it’s obvious what that reason is, but I have been rejected I don’t know how many times if you count the times you haven’t responded to me.

    I had to get rid of the unnatural that WordPress is and show something as natural as a washbow. But I honestly had thought that the first time you would see me it would’ve been in a different setting. Just seeing each other for the first time would have been cute. Awkward as well, but cute nonetheless.

    My plan has always been talking with you, growing comfortable around each other’s voice and body language, and going to England soon. The last part would inevitable even if you rejected me again

    But there’s only so much that I can do if I’m alone in this. Honestly I have never read what I write to you, not even once. I just do it because the rush comes and this isn’t what I want but it’s better than nothing and I’m hopeful and patient

    In fact my way of waiting has been just not thinking much about this and just focusing on the other stuff. I have been thinking more lately, because although the conversation with her wasn’t something to be happy about that interaction should have been with you, regardless of the topic

    Maybe the eccentricity of sending those photos has made me crumble and you are just firing me. That would be hilariously bad, but I don’t think it’s the case

    I haven’t even doubted once about you. You approached me and you were very real

    I’m the same person but at the same time I’m becoming different

    Everything is perfect here probably. I have hours to think about what I write and then you, yourself, read it with your own voice and at your own rhythm. The only drawback is that, even when it’s so perfect, it’s always incomplete

    Do you want to talk with me? It would be shocking at first. Associating me with a voice. But you have associated me with a teenager-like photo in front of the mirror, so it can’t get much worse. It will be slower. It will be different. I’ll have to learn some stuff quick, but I can do it

    Do you want to follow my plan? It doesn’t have to be that plan. There can be changes. But there’s a requirement that must be met eventually: that you trust me. And I know that it’s a lot to ask for, but there’s no way around it. And trust me, you don’t have any more trust issues than I do. I’ve never trusted anyone in my life, not even my beloved ones, sometimes.

    I’m not interested in a fiction. I’m willing to put the work in. I believe that you want it as much as I do, but if you want to sabotage yourself I can’t stop you. You are worried about how merging the pieces would result in, but I have my puzzle sorted and I just want to have that puzzle in front of me, even when it’s scary


    1. No one likes a stalker.

      It is like you’re trying to limit my freedom of speech.

      Go away. We could have spoken as normal people but you have completely put me off wanting to do that by your constant inability to accept what I have told you – I am not romantically interested in you. This is not a game. It’s a shame. It would have been nice to be friends with you. In future, don’t stalk people.


      1. I wish you well in life too. You’ve kind of helped me in showing me not to be a stalker too – as I can do that to people as well.

        You seem like a really interesting, smart and perceptive person. I am an infp btw. I think you need to get obsessive about some hobbies whenever you find youre getting obsessed about people. Same for me.

        Don’t feel you need to delete your blog on my account btw, only of that would help you.

        All the best


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