The Water Drips Away

Frozen tendrils align,
uplifting into chasms
where the water drips away.

In all the ups and downs,
directions, they are endless.
Falling to the empty skies
abysses call and comfort.
Plants will grow up into heavens, into earth,
and into every moment.


I am

I am a girl, goddammit.
I am sweet and anxious,
frivolous, giggling,
dancing, serene and vivacious.
I can gossip with the best of them,
and wear the very highest,
but do not care what I look like,
I’m completely oblivious,
and selfless.
All I care for is you.
Don’t question any of this.
I know.
I have a women’s intuition,
and empathy abound.
Tell me all your problems.
I will listen.
I’m a girl, goddammit.

This isn’t actually what I think women are or should be… expressing my thoughts on the craziness of some of the expectations of what they should be.