leaves speak
to him and not me;
they’re only concerned
with reaching the sun


In the Distant Evening – via Daily Prompt: Later

via Daily Prompt: Later

In the distant evening
as the songbirds
give their final call,
throw your hat into the lake
and swim.
Immerse your body
in a cool caress,
of wildness and of stillness,
that’s been here for millennia.
Move yourself in freedom,
or lie beneath the waning sun.
There’s nothing you must be now.



Ash and the Sun

Wavering trees, I sit among you
as the marks from the flowing
beams make their way to my feet
and your trunks. The sun has its place

in the sky, and behind these clouds
still shows itself. We do not know
our place, we’ll dissolve into ash, and
the sun will shine on behind the clouds.

I do not mind, nor do I know this
is true. I don’t actually care; we don’t
exist anyway, and the numbness of
my reality negates any change.