Quote #85

“The mind and the body are so intimately connected that ultimately we cannot tell the difference between them. Ultimately, indeed, they tell the same stories about us. But the body is the more visible aspect of the being and so may speak for itself. When we align the body we also align the mind. The body is the hologram of the being, as Alexander Lowen has said. ‘The body does not lie.’”
― Alcmaeon, Concerning Nature, 6th century B.C.


Shapes and Colours, Grating

Meltdown of my mind
Into a puddle on the floor.
There it grows into a statue,
Something I’ve never seen before.
I feel freedom, and the cycle continues.
The sensations in my eyes are like of liquid metal.
I’m not sure of the colour, but it’s somewhere
Between a bronze and a silver. There are shivers and a glaze.