Quote #89

“I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few.”
– William Morris


In the Distant Evening – via Daily Prompt: Later

via Daily Prompt: Later

In the distant evening
as the songbirds
give their final call,
throw your hat into the lake
and swim.
Immerse your body
in a cool caress,
of wildness and of stillness,
that’s been here for millennia.
Move yourself in freedom,
or lie beneath the waning sun.
There’s nothing you must be now.




Be with me in misery;
don’t leave me
for the freedom,

believing you’ve no need
of the attention
that I give.


Stay the audience
of my suffering,
this never-ending tragedy
that cannot bear to close.

It’s all the actors know,
and after all this time
how could their patterns change.

The only other way
is for the plays to end.

Shapes and Colours, Grating

Meltdown of my mind
Into a puddle on the floor.
There it grows into a statue,
Something I’ve never seen before.
I feel freedom, and the cycle continues.
The sensations in my eyes are like of liquid metal.
I’m not sure of the colour, but it’s somewhere
Between a bronze and a silver. There are shivers and a glaze.


Oh everlasting fire of my eyes,
They twinkle, move in circles.
I can’t be seen, they’re holding me fast.
Stillness, stay here with me.
I move with my rage when it comes,
And we take for it’s given. Falling
chalices, they’re golden. Now
What is left is smoke,
The endless rain
Of trailing accolades. She is free,
Freedom itself. Nothing can be sure.