A Love Poem

Sanguine, you are
in the heart of your knowing,
staring at something
I can see in your face
has captured your full attention,
wondering obliquely
what meaning you’ll give to it.
Fragile goddess of mine;
one moment you are,
the next you are not.
In the soft light of dusk
I marvel at the grace
I’ve been given,
to have met such a sight
as you in the present moment.



11 thoughts on “A Love Poem

    1. Thank you Sebnem. I think maybe actually I was trying to write like the Romantic poets about love. I think I’ve always seen them as not being about ‘true love’ or ‘pure love’ I guess because they have a big focus on appearance, and it’s often of a transitory nature. But then appearance is always, or usually, going to be at least a part of it, and yes, some transitory aspects could also signal unconditional love and acceptance.


      1. Keats (A Thing of Beauty), Shakespeare Sonnets ( Shall I compare thee..), Donne (A Valediction Forbidding Mourning), Andrew Marvell (To His Coy Mistress) all have similar themes, acceptance and unconditional love. πŸ™‚

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