A Love Poem

Sanguine, you are
in the heart of your knowing,
staring at something
I can see in your face
has captured your full attention,
wondering obliquely
what meaning you’ll give to it.
Fragile goddess of mine;
one moment you are,
the next you are not.
In the soft light of dusk
I marvel at the grace
I’ve been given,
to have met such a sight
as you in the present moment.

I started writing this as a love poem, and then some of the way through started changing it into to something that suggests the writer isn’t really in love, and some of which could actually be seen as quite insulting.

I’m not sure why.


9 thoughts on “A Love Poem

    1. Thank you Sebnem. I think maybe actually I was trying to write like the Romantic poets about love. I think I’ve always seen them as not being about ‘true love’ or ‘pure love’ I guess because they have a big focus on appearance, and it’s often of a transitory nature. But then appearance is always, or usually, going to be at least a part of it, and yes, some transitory aspects could also signal unconditional love and acceptance.


      1. Keats (A Thing of Beauty), Shakespeare Sonnets ( Shall I compare thee..), Donne (A Valediction Forbidding Mourning), Andrew Marvell (To His Coy Mistress) all have similar themes, acceptance and unconditional love. πŸ™‚

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