giving up horror
of responsibility;
becoming freedom


14 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Response at the right time, right way is what in reality responsibility is. When we can respond we are bound to be blessed with freedom, because now we don’t see responsibility as a burden or a thing to achieve.


      1. We are in reality only responsible to self… If we can’t respect our own priorities we can never in reality give priority to others and thus what we do looks like a burden and not blessing. Because whatever we do for others will never make them satisfied… Never

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      2. You are so wise Pawan, I feel very lucky to have your advice – and from what I’ve written in poetry so I don’t even need to think about what I want to ask 🙂 Thank you.

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      3. Not at all wise 😂 I am a forever student learning each day, each moment. Lucky are we all as we are been gifted a life by the Creator. Thank you for the beautiful poems you write. 🙏

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