Ego / To Reach Perfection

If it’s obvious to me,
It will be obvious to all,
So it needs to go much further
Than where it is right now.
I can’t express myself,
But the better version of myself,
Who I require myself to be.
But I can’t figure her out.
There’s always so much pressure
Around her, constricting, containing,
All that should appear.
Mostly, there’s nothing there
But stern self-preoccupation.

7 thoughts on “Ego / To Reach Perfection

    1. It’s weird, like when I’m in that mindset there’s this kind of sternness with everything… in trying to reach some kind of standard, in anything. And it actually takes away any freedom and flow… Strangeness of striving.

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      1. And yeah, the obvious, or mundane things, can be so beautiful. And natural. Trying to move away from them creates something artificial almost… I dunno. Trying to work through thought processes =)


  1. Aye, I was reading this and realized that I’ve been consciously strangling myself as well – the curse of trying to realize perfection is always lingering at the back of the mind. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves. 🙂

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