Echoes all around
Us and them and us and them
Echoes if we knew
Narcissus, it’s us
We’re them
Mirror to my core
Echo follows
Wanting me
Mirror pool of deepest awe
He’s the one, he’s lost
Who’s he?
Reaching out without a sound
Echoes all around, around
The beauteous pool keeps him there
Slowly receiving flower’s stare.



6 thoughts on “Echoes

      1. Hmmm; that’s interesting. Poetry appreciation is enhanced through analyzing its meanings; yet, on the other hand, explaining things might change other people’s interpretations. I’ve kindof settled on the mystery school, for the most part. It’s an individual choice.

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      2. It’s true. I think sometimes there’s a fine balance, within the poetry as well, of overtly telling people too much and too little so that they will likely understand some of what you’re saying as well. But I tend to prefer the mystery school too, and letting people have their own interpretations and also maybe seeing the meaning you had when you were writing.

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